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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crucible 40k GT registered armies

Here is a list of all the 40k armies registered for Crucible. Space Marines are by far the most popular and represent roughly half the playing field (including allies). Roughly one third of the armies feature allies.


- Space Marines -
01) Gabe Dobkin--------Blood Angels
02) Juan J. De la Nuez--Blood Angels
03) Nick Maxwell------Blood Angels
04) John Petrelli--------Blood Angels
05) Robert Paredes-----Dark Angels
06) Hendrik Alvarez----Ravenwing
07) Alex Aguila---------Grey Knights
08) Chris Humphries----Grey Knights
09) Hector DeJesus-----Imperial Fists
10) Rob Carr-----------Space Marines
11) Nathan Williams---Space Marines
12) Ray Ortega---------Space Wolves

•Allied Space Marines
13) Christian Cordon----Blood Angels/Space Marines (Battle Brothers)
14) Daniel Rodriguez----Black Templars/Grey Knights (Allies of Convenience)
15) Cesar Villfana------Space Marines/Grey Knights (Allies of Convenience)
16) Rich Banks---------Space Wolves/Grey Knights (Allies of Convenience)

-Imperial Guard -
17) Eric Isaac-----------Imperial Guard
18) Zachary Voskuil----Imperial Guard

19) Christopher Young--Imperial Guard/Space Wolves (Battle Brothers)

= Chaos =
20) Charles Knighton---Emperor's Children
21) Joseph Sledge III----Chaos Space Marines
22) Jonathan Dispigno--Chaos Daemons

23) Patrick Ballinger---Chaos Space Marines/Chaos Daemons (Battle Brothers)


24) Remy Colin----------Necrons
25) Teddy Woody-------Necrons
26) Richard Haggbloom-Necrons
27) John Lennon--------Tyranids
28) Michael Coxson-----Tyranids
29) Reinaldo Ponce------Tyranids

30) Devin Schafer------Eldar/Dark Eldar (Battle Brothers)
31) Reggie Sanchez-----Tau/Eldar (Allies of Convenience)
32) Jovan Rodriguez----Orks/Necrons (Allies of Convenience)

= Allies of Convenience =
33) Paul Dispigno-------Necrons/Grey Knights
34) Steve Turner-------Necrons/Grey Knights
35) Joseph Abel---------Tau/Space Wolves

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