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Monday, February 04, 2013

Further reflections upon Grey Knights-Necrons

So I have been playing my army a lot and what I've found is it tends to win really big or I struggle versus some of the newer more popular armies. I have been thinking about my list a lot and what I could do to really take it to the next level in terms of competition. First I want to keep all the best components that work so well:

• Coteaz-Purifier Death Star (mounted in Land Raider Crusader)

• Storm Raven

• Destroyer Lord

• Immortals (mounted in Night Scythe)

• Doom Scythe

The army I'm presently running suffers from low model count and lack of a sufficient amount of ranged shooting. So in order to strengthen the list I'm going to switch over to using Necrons as the primary detachment with Grey Knights as the ally.

This fundamental change will help in many ways...

First while I'm a big fan of Crowe in sixth edition since he is a master of the challenge, I won't have to field him anymore and he creates some problems for the army since he cannot join other units.

Second I can take a Strike squad which will add Warp Quake to my army which is very good in sixth edition, such as being a major deterrent versus the occassional drop pod army you run across now and then.

Third I'll be able to add Canoptek Scarabs and Wraiths to my army, both of which work well in sixth edition too.

I had the opportunity to play a game versus Necrons-Grey Knights back during the holiday season and I can say for sure it's very strong. So I'm very excited about this change.

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