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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kung Fu

One thing I find funny is there is no such thing as Kung Fu... In China where it originated it is called Gung Fu. Supposedly some people are psychically charged individuals and if they achieve balance then they can become very powerful. Is there the potential for Gung Fu in 40k... Sure but to get to the top of that high mountain means you always play fair and help others because it's not all about winning every game... Far from it in fact. I don't have much time for people who cheat or feel they must win every game they play. They don't really understand.

Gung Fu was developed by Shaolin Priests and they still practice the art - they can be deadly if necessary. Buddha was once contemplating beside a pond when suddenly a group of beautiful enticing young women came towards him from the water. Buddha saw through their guise because his third eye is open. They were actually daemons. He fought them and destroyed them all. Buddha is not Chinese. He grew up in northern India then later in life moved to Nepal. Buddha represented change and advocated the middle path... He is not a god, he is-was a very enlightened person.

I remember once when I was young a good friend told me his father was a very bitter man. His dad was a great guy and I promised myself I would never be bitter as I grew older. It is still something I strive not to be. Sometimes it's not easy but I always remember my promise to myself. We should be happy. That is what I believe.

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