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Friday, December 02, 2011

The BS factor vs Xenos

This kind of sucks and I think people need to be aware of it. Lots of people that play Imperial armies have started to feel very entitled. For example whenever a new xenos codex is released they develop a list of things they don't like about the army and then they lobby GW to FAQ them out of existence. Right now there is lots of hate for Canoptek scarabs and spyders... Imperial mech players want them nerfed to the point where they are no longer competitive. We all saw what GW did to Tyranids with the FAQ. I sure hope this doesn't happen to Necrons. It bothers me that people who play IG, GKand SW have the balls to complain about any xenos army. Seriously.

Pay attention if you play xenos... Stand up for your armies.

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