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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

Here are my top choices for 2011:

Best blog - Fritz 40k
A true genius in my opinion with a very unique tactical take on the game. If there is one person I'd like to meet its Fritz. His Tyranid tactica is sublime. Fritz has the ability to look at a codex in a different light and is open to experimentation. I have learned a lot reading his articles this year... Really great stuff indeed. Five stars.

Best Tourney - WarGamesCon
Go and find out for yourself. A truly competitive event that is well designed, well run and everything is above the board. Five stars.

Best Army - Grey Knights
Mat Ward writes great codices. If the rest of the developers were in his league the game would be that much better. There is a lot of hate on the Internet towards Mat but his books tend to be very popular. Mat can design a codex that merits the background of the army. Mat also pushes the envelope and creates new things which is sorely needed to keep the game fresh. Five stars.

Best Black Library Novel - The Red Duke
The end of the novel was shit but the story was so good and so well told its okay. Three stars due to the poor ending but still definitely worth the read.

Best Mini - Lelith Hesperax
A fanatastic miniature if ever there was one. Too bad her rules were botched. Dark eldar are my biggest disappointment this year. Phil Kelly did not do dark eldar the justice they deserve. Five stars for Lelith but a big thumbs down for the codex.

That's pretty much it and to everyone here is hoping you have a fantastic new year. Be safe and have fun. Sixth edition is right around the corner—should be a blast.


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