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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tactica for the new Deathwing

Okay so I've posted my 2k list earlier today - still need to find a way to trim off 50 points but it's pretty much how I would run the army at this level. Let's start off by looking at each unit and what they bring to the table.

Belial - Obviously he is a must take unit. I've armed him with the thunderhammer and stormshield and he will join the Deathwing command squad. He is going to be more effective now, much more of the heavy hitter we expected back when the codex was released, due to the 2+/3++/4+++.

Interrogator Chaplain (terminator armor & combi melta)- He also joins the Deathwing command squad and is another heavy hitter with the old school stats for Chaplains from a bygone era. You get the rerolls to hit on the charge and he can reliably shoot at close range. He is mounted in a Crusader so you can take full advantage of his Litanies of Hate.. As such he is an integral part of the army.

Deathwing Command Squad (DWCS - counts as Troop Choice)
Sergeant - Pair of Lightning Claws
Pair of Lightning Claws & Cyclone Missile Launcher
3x Thunderhammer & Stormshield
* includes Apothecary
* includes Standard Bearer

I use this same template for three more squads of Deathwing terminators sans the apothecary and standard bearer. So you've got four scoring units. I also am taking two standard landraiders (extra armor) for two of the terminator squads and a landraider Crusader (extra armor) for the DWCS. This equates to three mobile units plus one terminator squad you can use the Deathwing Assault to deepstrike the first turn. So you've got lots of mobility and if needed sit back and shoot the four twin linked lascannons along with your cyclone missile launchers if you want to run a gun line. The basics to this build is very similar to how I played my Deathwing with the new codex prior to the release of the revised DA FAQ. Tactically you have lots of options and should fare well versus mech armies. I remember a game versus a mech SW army - all the terminator squads dismounted so I could fire the cyclone missile launchers along with the lascannons versus the SW rhinos. I popped the rhinos first then meched up and rolled up to assault. It worked very well.

Mobility is the key to a strong DW army - deepstriking terminators are slow once they've landed, there is no way to get around that either. If you want to go with all foot slogging units that deepstrike then you are relying upon overwhelming your opponent early in the game. I don't think this will work well versus armies like the new dark eldar with their speed and all those poisoned weapons soaking your terminators. Sure the 2+/3++ is awesome but the vast bulk of your army is the five man squads. They will drop to enough shots plus enemy assault squads that can throw down a lot of attacks hitting first are going to hurt as well.

The landraiders allow you to charge where you when you want. People have discussed the strengths of heavy landraider armies - they integrate perfectly with a Deathwing army.


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