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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BB II Report

So now I finally have a little time to spend on reflecting back on Bolter Beach II. There wasn't quite as many people as we were expecting but those that came out had a great weekend of 40k. We had around 10 teams for Friday - the overall winners were Aaron Hagney and Mason Martindale from Naples, Florida fielding two CSM armies with a combined total of four lash princes and a lot of Obliterators. That's a lot of lash to spread the love and that they did! The final round of the team tourney saw Aaron and Mason squaring off against Shawn Phippen and Teddy Woody from Valdosta, Georgia fielding Daemons and SW. The Daemons had some horrid reserve rolls and it all went down hill from there for the Valdosta team. We had a total of four teams from Citrus County, Florida - really great group of guys and they brought along a Tau ace that really tore it up.

As you might be aware the GT featured a competitive format and we had some really fantastic players make it out for the weekend. There was an awesome SM counts as CSM army by Daniel Helversen from the Fort Lauderdale area. His army is beautiful and I've posted some pix from his blog (thewarmastersrevenge.blogspot.com) last week here at Terminus Est. Another awesome was an ork kan wall lead by a pair of deff dreads - beautiful army and a monster on the tables. It was very exciting to watch the games and take in all the action. Andrew Latinsky from Daytona, Florida brought a combined arms SW army - some very interesting conversions for his TWC for sure! Andrew is majoring in quantum mechanics and his style of play saw him knocking out some hardened veterans over the course of the weekend. Andrew always seemed to be able to bounce back from adversity on the tables. My dad was a quantum mechanic (God bless his soul)... Pretty cool stuff.

Mason Martindale won the Player's Choice award with his grey ork horde - reminded me a lot of the old Grey Hulk... Heh. Best Army was awarded to Justin McCord from the Sarasota area with his Pretty Marines Glamor Wing - you've got to see them to fully appreciate the army. Andrew Everett (Dakka Dakka moderator Lorek) won the Best Sportsmanship award and brought his beautiful blue Tau.

I found out sadly that Strength of Schedule is not such a good rubric for ranking players. That said using the tie breakers is definitely the way to go in the future.

Great news - Bolter Beach III (June 2011) and Bolter Beach IV (January 2012) were both approved for the next GW circuit (2011-2012) late last week so there will be plenty more action.

I really enjoyed using a competitive format and will be working to improve the Bolter Beach system.  Like I said there were some very intense games and it just kept getting more intense each round. We will definitely be sticking with this type of format for the future.

I'll try to post some pictures later this week from Bolter Beach II.



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