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Blood Vow

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

'Pure' DoA Blood Angels

This article is an introduction to playing a pure DoA army without any support from Stormravens or close combat dreadnaughts. Many argue that the inclusion of a Stormraven in a jump army is not a true DoA army to which I disagree. The Stormraven can transport jump infantry so it just makes sense to me that it was specifically designed for DoA armies. I have been using one Stormraven in my army for quite some time now - actually all the way back to when I first started playing with the new codex. I would like to see how well I can fare without one - reason being the Adepticon championship is just around the corner, it's 1850 points and I typically run 2000 point lists. If I drop the Stormraven then that will bring my current list below 1850 points plus I'll also be dropping my Furioso. I hate to drop the dreadnaught but he just doesn't work without his transport. This though means I'll be able to add a Chaplain and another Sanguinary Priest. The Furioso's Bloodfists are an excellent counter to Thunderwolves so I'll have to develop some new strategies. I'll be posting some potential new lists soon so check back.


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