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Saturday, January 01, 2011

BA deathstar vs. SW deathstar (1st BloodStrike batrep)

Here is my 2k list:

Jump pack

5x Death Company Marines:
2x Bolter & power fist; power sword & bolt pistol; 2x chainsword & bolt pistol

Death Company dreadnaught:
Blood Talons & heavy flamer

Extra armor; twin linked lascannon & twin linked multi-melta


5x assault terminator:
3x pair of lightning claws & 2x thunderhammer & stormshield

Furioso dreadnaught:
extra armor & heavy flamer

Extra armor; twin-linked lascannon & twin-linked multi-melta

Sanguinary Priest:
Jump pack & power sword

10x assault Marine:
Meltagun; flamer; power fist & infernus pistol

5x assault Marine:
Meltagun; power fist & infernus pistol

Here is the 2k SW list:

Wolf Lord:
Runic armor; stormshield; wolf tooth necklace; thunderhammer; thunderwolf mount

Wolf Lord:
Runic armor; stormshield; wolf tooth necklace; frostblade; thunderwolf mount

3x Thunderwolf:
3x stormshield; Mark of the Wulfen; meltabombs

10x Grey Hunter
2x plasmagun; Mark of the Wulfen; power fist

Pintle mounted multi-melta

10x Grey Hunter:
Plasmagun; meltagun; Mark of the Wulfen; power fist - Rhino

6x Long Fangs:
2x Heavy Bolter; 2x plasma cannon; missile launcher

6x Long Fangs:
3x missile launcher; 2x lascannon

Rune Priest (Jaws of the World Wolf & Living Lightning)

5x Wolf Scout:
Meltagun; 2x power weapon; meltabombs

Mission was from Bolter Beach II - Pitched Battle & Annihilation.

My BloodStrike list is configured as follows:

Reclusiarch + terminators + Furioso - Stormraven
Reclusiarch (jump pack) + Death Company + DC dreadnaught - Stormraven

Sanguinary Priest attached to full squad of assault Marines.

My opponent went first and castled his army, clumped together both squads of Long Fangs with Rune Priest, one squad of Grey Hunters mounted in landraider, other squad of Grey Hunters mounted in rhino, TWC over beside Long Fangs, Wolf Scouts deployed behind landraider.

1st Turn SW
Sits still.

1st Turn BA

2nd Turn SW
Sits still.

2nd Turn BA
This turn in comes my small squad of assault Marines and both Stormravens. I deepstruck the assault squad behind the landraider (not much room), they scatter 6" and mishap - lost to the warp. I also deepstrike both Stormravens and they drift up a bit - both Alpha and Bravo units will be able to charge the next turn. One Stormraven shoots it's multi-melta into the landraider and immobilizes it.

3rd Turn SW
His entire army fires everything they've got into both Stormravens with the primary focus on the one carrying the terminators. Both squads of Grey Hunters dismount as well. The Stormraven ferrying to terminators is shaken, the other Stormraven takes no damage. I used Corbulo's rule to reroll a failed cover save for the Stormraven carrying the terminators. Thunderwolves charge the shaken Stormraven and wreck it.

3rd Turn BA
The Stormraven with the Death Company moves 12" over beside a squad of Grey Hunters and dismounts. Reclusiarch and his Death Company line up to charge one squad of Grey Hunters and DC dreadnaught lines up to charge the other Grey Hunter squad. Furioso lines up to charge one squad of Long Fangs. The other Reclusiarch and the terminators line up to multi charge Wolf Scouts, other squad of Long Fangs, plus one squad of the Grey Hunters. The aftermath of this epic assault sees all of these Space Wolf units destroyed while I take no damage in return. All that's left now is the Thunderwolves, immobilized landraider and an empty rhino.

Fast forward to end of turn five - all Space Wolf units are destroyed and I've lost both Stormravens and the Death Company Marines (plus the small squad of assault Marines that mishapped.

Epic battle if ever there was one !!

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