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Thursday, January 06, 2011

(1) My turn to rant now (2) Wrecking Crew Interviews

Hi everyone !!!

This is a personal rant of mine that I am going to get off my chest today. Please don't think I am taking a cheap shot at anyone here. There is lots and lots of HATE on the internet when it comes to 40k. All kinds of HATE about all kinds of things. The main goal of my blog is to share winning tactics and strategies for the armies I love to play. I would never go so far as to say you should play my way... and this is where I get to my rant... You see there are lots of people that get their panties all tied up in a tight not if they see someone saying something they do not agree with - I see lots of 40k blogs daily performing the HIT & RUN - It goes something like this...

Hey I was looking over at INSERT NAME HERE blog and look at this idiotic drivel they posted up... blah blah blah

I find this type of behavior to be both cowardly and shows me that they are threatened by ideas outside of their immediate domain. A red flag should go off anytime you see an article like that... they are like roaches too, they are all over the place and love dark corners.

40k Wrecking Crew Interviews Coming Soon

Recently the Wrecking Crew was approached by Brent of Strictly Average fame to write some interviews for a few members. He must have dropped the ball or just plain old flaked out - we have not heard back from him after receiving a few emails. I think Brent is good people but flaky behavior is not cool. So I have decided to start a bi-weekly interview with the 40k Wrecking Crew. I will interview each and every member over the course of the year (for all those who want to participate). I will generally ask them how they got into the game, what are their favorite armies, gamers they love/hate and epic gaming moments. I will also ask some tough questions as well. I think these interviews will prove to be popular and they will not be an exercise in circle jerking.


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