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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Blood Saints vs. Chaozilla * BB II test mission batrep

I had a great battle today versus another a player testing their new CSM list for BB II. A sleek black cat in the house kept rubbing against my leg when i rolled hte dice. We randomly rolled for teh third mission:


* The primary win condition was killpoints.
* Killing the most enemy troops as the first tie breaker.
* TQ by kp was the secondary tie breaker.
* Victory points was the third tie breaker.

Deployment was Pitched Battle.

I was running my standard DoA list (Blood Saints):

The Sanguinor
Librarian/Epistolary, jump pack, Unleash Rage & Sanguine Sword
Honor Guard - jump packs, banner, TH & SS, pair of LC, 2xLC & SS

Furioso dreadnought - extra armor & HF (decided to run him with S10 Blood Fists over Blood Talons)
Sanguinary Priest/Jump pack, power sword

10x assault Marine/meltagun, flamer, thunderhammer & stormshield
10x assault Marine/meltagun, flamer, thunderhammer & stormshield

++Fast Attack++
Vanguard Veterans/jump packs, PF & SS, 2x LC & SS, 2x power sword & bolt pistol, meltabombs

++Heavy Support++
Stormraven - extra armor , twlc @ twmm

Here is the CSM list:

2x lash prince/wings

3x defiler

++Heavy Support++
3x dreadnaught (ea. w. 2x DCCW)

3x 8Khorne Berserkers incl. Champion w. Power sword - rhino
3x 8Khorne Berserkers incl. Champion w. Power sword - rhino
3x 8Khorne Berserkers incl. Champion w. Power sword - rhino
5x CSM - rhino

= Blood Saints vs. Chaozilla =

> CSM won the deployment roll and chose to go first deploying in a tight castle with the rhinos up front as bunkers.
> The terrain was excellent with some cover for my Stormraven.

> No BS squads succumb to the Red Thirst.
> One of the assault Marine sergeants is blessed by the Sanguinor and the Priest joins that squad in reserve.

1st TURN CSM: 
> Everything sits still except for one rhino which immobilized itself (Berzerkers).

0 kp CSM - 0 kp BS

2nd turn - CSM:
> Pop smoke on all rhinos & dreads.
> Mobile rhinos move 1".

2nd turn - BS: (no red thirst)
Assault squad with Sanguinor's Blessing arrives and jumps behind cover.

0 kp CSM - 0 kp BS

3rd turn CSM:
> Mobile rhinos move 1".

2nd turn BS:
> Everything else comes in from reserve.
> Stormraven alpha strikes one rhino and destroys it.
> VV use HI to destroy another rhino.

0 kp CSM - 2 kp BS

3rd turn CSM:
> All shooting on VV, one Vanguard Vet survives and breaks. VV falls back 9" and will regroup,

3rd turn BS:
> VV regroups and charges immobilized rhino destroying it with meltabombs.
> Stormraven moves flatout and destroys another rhino.

0 kp CSM - 4 kp BS

4th turn CSM:
> Khorne Berzerkers shoot down last VV.
> Lash Prince charges Stormraven and destroys it.

4th turn BS:
> Sanguinor charges one squad of Berszerkers and destroys them (Berzerkerz had taken some wounds from destroyed rhinos).
> Epistolary and Honor Guard charge one Prince and Defiler, destroying both.
> Furioso charges Chaos dreadnaught - drawn combat.
> Assault Marines charge rhino and one squad of Berzerkers, destroying the rhino.

2 kp CSM - 8 kp BS

The game continues through to the 7th turn. BS destroy all enemy troops and CSM cannot make up the difference in kps.

Final Results:

} Blood Saints win primary and all three tie breakers for the massacre.
} End of game CSM had left one Prince and a defiler. Blood Saints have left one assault squad, Sanguinary Priest, Epistolary and Honor Guard.

This game I was using my perphipal attack tactics. My opponent castled so I could not play the Counter Punch style of DoA tactics.


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