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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Stormraven Tactica * Part III - Menage

So far we have discussed how to keep the Stormraven afloat and the best choice for weapons of mass destruction. Now we come to the main subject. Blood Angels are currently one of the best assault armies in the game and they will continue to be so with the release of the new dark eldar. The Stormraven is basically a flying landraider in that it has an assault ramp. You can deliver not one but two wrecking balls into the very heart of the enemy line... an uber assault squad like an Epistolary leading a choppy Honor Guard and a Furioso dreadnaught armed with Blood Talons.

This is what I refer to commonly as a BEAT FACE tactic. It is hard to counter, even Tau and IG with all their bristly guns. Sometimes I fly the Stormraven up and dont charge that turn... you can bet your life every enemy gun will be blazing it... okay so they manage to pop it but my uber death squad has jump packs so I am still in your face next turn and now the rest of my army is in position. Its fun.


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