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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Next modeling project -> Priest

I recently learned about a new movie that will be released next May. The title of the film is Priest. The story takes place on an alternate earth far in the future. The world has been ravaged by a great war between the humans and an evil race of vampires. The vampires are lead by a group of fallen angels. The setting of the movie has a dystonian city protected from the vampires and is ruled by the Church. There is an order of warrior priests within the Church who are highly trained fighters, some gifted with supernatural powers. A niece of one of these priests is kidnapped at the start of the movie, so begins the epic tale based upon a Manga series of graphic novels from South Korea. The priest who has lost his niece decides to go find her and must step down from the Church. The priest then leaves the city with a small posse of super fighters who will help him in his quest. Along the way while traveling through the desert they run across a small town of humans who are protected by a sheriff. The sheriff is also a super fighter gifted with some supernatural power of his own.

This I got from repeatedly watching the trailer for the movie and also conducting a bit of research on the Internet. I am fascinated by the movie and the character of the sheriff. The sheriff looks like a direct throwback to the old Clint Eastwood sphagetti westerns. Now at the same time I've been working on creating a miniature to represent the Librarian who just happens to be the chapter master for my new Blood Angels successor chapter, the Blood Saints. I have built and painted several models to represent my Librarian but was never quite satisfied with the final results. I really want something different that will stand out and look quite striking. So we come to this character, the sheriff, from the upcoming film. I have decided to use this image to base my Librarian. He will have an appropriate hat and a shawl/pancho and be modeled in such a manner to depict him as using an Angelus wrist mounted bolter attached to one arm and a hand flamer held in his other gauntlet. He will have a small sheathed combat blade rather than a large ornate force weapon. So while this is quite a departure from what you'd expect for a Space Marine Librarian I think I can pull off a stunning conversion that will both depict the essence of the gunfighter as well as the Librarian. His hat will be both a focal point for the miniature and must fit in with the image of a Space Marine Librarian. The pancho should be easy enough and fits right in with the image of robes we sometimes see worn by high ranking members of Space Marine chapter.

I think this is a fairly aggressive project and will require some sculpting using good old greenstuff. I'm curious as to what others think and would love some constructive feedback. If you find yourself also intrigued by this film then I suggest you google search the terms "Priest + movie". You can find the trailer and have a look.


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