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Friday, November 12, 2010

DoA versus Razorspam

Two types of lists have evolved out of the new codex – razorspam and the beautiful DoA.

Razorspam basically consists of five to six predators (maybe a Vindi) and the rest of the army is small five man assaults squads carrying meltaguns riding in razorbacks. There will be a Librarian or two with Shield of Sanguinius and possibly even a Sanguinary Priest. The predators screen the razorbacks for cover saves and the Librarian casts Shield for extra protection. All vehicles in the army can move 12 inches and still shoot. The army has no assault element whatsoever and can generate a moderate level of shooting.

DoA stands for Descent of Angels. This army consists entirely of jump infantry and possibly Stormravens transporting dreadnaughts. Everything starts in reserve. The jump infantry units are typically bristling with meltaguns and infernus pistols… these units can reroll a failed reserve roll and only scatter d6 inches. This army is one of the strongest in assault, has excellent short range firepower and is highly mobile. These armies tend to be small and don’t have any long range firepower unless Stormravens are fielded for much needed heavy support.

In my opinion DoA is much stronger than razorspam, however razorspam is more popular because it is an EZ Win Button army. That said DoA is still popular and could become more so with the coming release of the Stormraven model from Games Workshop. I have played my DoA army versus BA razorspam… have not lost a game against them yet.



CORWINDAL5 said...

I don't think that razorback spam is solid enough to win tournaments. The only bad thing about DoA is that with the wrong match up it could really be a bad day for them.

Black Blow Fly said...

What is a bad matchup - hordes? Every army has a bad matchup.


CORWINDAL5 said...

Hordes not so much. I think an army that can work reserves or that is really fast would give you problems. Something like a bike army or a wave searpant heavy eldar army.

I do realize that every army has a bad matchup but I think that a big part of building an army for a tournament is realizing which matchup you won't do well against and figuring out how to beat it. At least that is how I try to prepare.

Black Blow Fly said...

I know you BnB guys love your biker armies. I have never fought one with DoA but it doesnt seem like a problem. I have played many games versus opponents who reserve their armies to try and blunt the DoA reserves. I would probably just cordone off the bikes and then sweep in pulling the net closed.

I fought mechdar at BoLScon. Lots and lots of armies have problems with mechdar so to me that is not really saying much. It was a tough game against a great player - I blew up every skimmer in his army and the Sanguinor tore the balls off his Avatar. Its nice being able to deepstrike behind an eldar skimmer and nuke it with melta love.

: )