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Friday, December 04, 2009

Tourney tomorrow

So I will be playing with my KDA tomorrow. If you like the army you can read all of my batreps over on the Dakka Dakka Battle Reports forum, the thread is entitled 3 Kornìsh Batreps (+ a few more from time to time). There will be 12 total playing and it is an opportunity for me to catchup with some old friends of mine. They have an award for painting so I am mostly gunning for that one. As you probably know I didn't paint my army but I built it from the ground up and it is heavily converted. I had a bad experience in my last tourney during the last round so I am hoping tomorrow the event will be better run. A lot of the time I am an outsider to a store because I only play in tournies. I hate to have to say it but it seems like often the locals will help the locals. Fortunately it's not always the case but it does happen. I think a lot of the time the TO doesn't even realize it when they tilt the deck, they just do it without thinking about it.

Anyways I might post some of the batreps here with pictures from my camera if I see some interest (hint, hint). You can learn a lot from reading a good batrep, it's where the rubber meets the road. Tomorrow I'll be running the two large squads of Bloodletters again as they worked out very well in the last tourney two weeks ago. There will be a good mix of armies tomorrow so maybe I'll get to play against something different like IG.



Green Blow Fly said...

I won.


Magilla Gurilla said...

Congrats GBF.

Waiting for the batreps here or Dakka.

Sorry didn't post sooner but my Master thesis is not cooperating.

Aldonis said...

Congratulations buddy!

Was only a matter of time!