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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Selling Out

You might not be aware but popular blogs that run ads can generate a lot of $$$. I have heard tell from a cab driver in the windy city that there is a group of bloggites that make so much $$$ from their blog that as a group they can travel around the country to play at major events and cover all their expenses without forking one dime from their own pockets. Must be nice.

I will never run ads on this blog. Never.

When people who play the game as a pastime can make enough $$$ to cover all their expenses is it still a pastime? I seriously have to question anyone who passes themself off as a hobbyist when they are pulling down the $$$ talking about it. I would rather post a few articles that I really care about rather than spew nonsense to keep the $$$ rolling in. Someone once said that we as gamers are purely amateurs but I think that is no longer the case. Oh well.


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