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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Soft tactics

Soft tactics are very popular. They do not require deep thought and people who lose a lot can relate to them. I can spew out tons of soft tactics, they will sound fantastic. People will say they endorse them.

Bully on that. Soft tactics stink. No Best Of list has ever won anything. I am an advocate of hard tactics. Hard tactics win games. So I've got my blog. I've got my record. You can call me a cheat because you don't know the rules inside out when your soft tactics run up against hard tactics. That's just the way it is.



Magilla Gurilla said...

Okay GBF, you have got to give the run down on the post. I am very curious as to what prompt this...well, this mini-rant.

Also, you should write a few articles on tactics.

Terminus Est said...

I will post up some more on this subject later today.


Terminus Est said...

Well I have written several articles on tactica, just go through my posts and you will find them. Many of my articles are peppered with tactics as I use them to better illustrate my points.

Soft tactics are exactly what I said - they are not well thought out or even playtested, but they sound good to the novice (because they don't know any better). Here is a great example - nightshields on DE raiders. I have heard players say that their raiders are invincible with nightshields. Certainly nightshields are okay but then again they are not invincible by any means. Any army that have deep striking units that can shoot pretty much ignore nightshields barring a horrid scatter. The DE player using raiders with nightshields is somewhat forced to keep their army along their table edge to gain full advantage which is not always necessarily a good thing. For example outflanking units such as Space Marine bikes can reach them. There are units with guns that can reach across the table - railguns, Leman Russ battle cannons. Going back to deep striking units just think of the damage two Monoliths have the potential to generate. DE played right is basically a mobile gunline with some counter assault units thrown in. I have always said that i believe DE does so well because there are lots of players relatively new to the game that have never seen DE in action. While DE are often billed as SM killers in fact SM are well equipped to trounce them, you just have to know what you are doing.

So this is just one example of a soft tactic - nightshields on DE raiders while good are hardly invincible. In fact a lot of DE players eschew the use of them altogether.