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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Really awkard gaming moment during competitive tourney playing

So me and WhiteDevil are in the second round of a HUGE team tourney. It's hte 2nd round and we are up against this really rocking Tau team with our machine bugs when suddenly one of the Tau players receives a text message from GF telling him she is dumping him. My jaw hits floor... I am floored. Suddenly teh dynamics of the game shift gears. WhiteDevil is a true champ as I am at a loss of words and think 99% of the female sex are shady as Hell. WhiteDevil talks him through it and hooks him up with a hot date. It was CRAZY CRAZY. one of my Zoies took out a Hammerhead in close combat too and the explosion takes out a squad of Fire Warriors FTW.



Brent said...

Dumped by text message? That's the new world, I guess - I can't understand it.


Green Blow Fly said...

It all worked out okay for him.