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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Assassin - Part 29 - Memoria

Sanguinius sat upon his throne surrounded by the Templars. The Strike Cruiser Vain Glory delved deeper into the Eye of Terror with the remains of the Vengeful Spirit in gravic tow. Cyrene stood at the bridge ever silent. Memories from the distant past spilled into his mind. He stood up beckoning to Oathsbane. "We must go back onboard the traitor vessel."

"Yes my Lord I shall make it so."


The Primarch stood upon the broken prow absorbing psychic residue collected from over a millennium stretching back to the final battle and his death. A crystalline form of himself recreated from his remnant being filled the command chamber, wings outstretched with grim resolve etched upon the face. Horus was cast in the likeness of granite beside his form, their fists locked grimly around each others’ throats. Their armor was torn and rent hollow within the shaded images. Sanguinius removed a gauntlet placing his bare hand upon the left shoulder of his own likeness. Ever so slowly the crystalline structure began to decompose atom by very atom as he reabsorbed himself becoming even more complete. He looked into the hollow eyes of Horus then ran his fingertips over the open wound above the exposed throat.

The buried memory was so painful... rage followed by the ultimate betrayal. "Horus there is still a place for you with us." said the Emperor. The Primarch of the Sons of Horus bellowed in laughter, filled to the very brim with the dark power gifted from every Chaos God. His eyes were black mirrors looking down upon the immediate destruction at hand.

"He is the architect of our doom." Sanguinius said. "How could you even consider it?" Black Rage filled him with unbridled hate. "How many innocent have died at his hands? This is blasphemous Father." A dark cry emanated from the very core of the Angel wailing like a banshee. The Emperor lifted his hands to shield his ears. Sanguinius threw his sword aside leaping upon Horus. His fingertips burst into claws tearing through the hard black plate. Horus struck back immediately backhanding the Angel against a bunker wall. Again the Angel shrieked rising back up wholly lost to the Black Rage. His fists struck like stone hammering the Archfiend’s exposed temples cracking hidden bone.

"Stop." commanded the Emperor. Sanguinius was lost in the vast consuming deluge of dark emotion. He grunted in anger as he continued with the violence. Horus reeled momentarily confused. Sanguinius’ face had grown pale as an ancient ghost, his fangs jutting out bursting forth from his drawn lips. Horus struck back swinging the World Breaker down to crush his brother but the Angel leapt aside locking his arms around the torso. Lifting up he brought Horus down hard upon his armored knee shattering vertebrae then he cast him aside. His mouth clamped down upon the open neck, his fangs piercing through the throat. Chaos infused blood burst from the new wound spraying the wall. Horus wailed involuntarily from the hurt then Sanguinius felt the tip of the Emperor’s burning sword burst through his back. Casting the spent body of the traitor aside the Angel turned to look the Emperor eye to eye. "Why Father?"

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