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Blood Vow

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Assassin - Part 32 - Rebirth

Sanguinius watched in silence looking down upon his dead brother. The Mark X armor stirred again as it began to reknit the fresh wounds, expunging the vile black poison. Lifting the burning blade from the ashen waste the Blood Angel cast it aside far from the reach of Gulilliman. Roboute gasped sucking in the cold air as his twin hearts began to beat again. The Ultramarine opened his eyes looking up into the pale face of Sanguinius pressing the tip of the Black Sword against his exposed throat. "Life is a gift."

Sanguinius’ wings unfurled as he rose up into the sky then receded. Guilliman climbed to his knees and spat out the last of the poison. He pulled the tip of the spearhead free and the Mark X armor closed the wound. Again the Stormbirds raced overhead screaming to a sudden halt as they stopped to hover. Their steely bellies opened and masses of Black Templars jumped to the ground surrounding the Primarch. Oathsbane came forward. "Your vision was blurred and twisted by the eldar. Our Liege has set you free now literally carving away their cancer."

Again the Primarch heard the beating of wings as the Blood Angel descended. "Will you join us?"

Guilliman looked up to meet his gaze "Yes I will."

Sanguinius smiled. "There is still plenty of work left to do."

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