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Sunday, December 14, 2014

SoFlo GT - final game summary and results

Time for the last game which I'll quickly summarize:

Versus a good Tau player featuring two commanders, crisis suit team with drones, two Tetras, two burstsides, Broadsides in a bunker, two squads of Fire Warriors (one with devilfish) and a Skyray.

The primaries were scoring objectives (EW & Maelström) plus table quarters. Deployment was Dawn of War. I got both shrouding and invisible for psychic powers. Note I only rolled Insta Gizz at most twice out of the six games.

This game I was overconfident which lead to some mistakes. My opponent castled up a lot of his army with the Broadsides on a flank along with one squad of Fire Warriors. I should have gone straight for his castle but instead decided to go after the Broadsides first then sweep into his castle. The BikeStar was indestructible and took out most of his army but he was able to kill the rest of my army easily winning most of the objectives. Lesson learned !

I did manage to claim all of the secondary objectives so it wasn't a complete wash ending up 3W-3L and overall 10th place out of 32 players. I also won the award for best SM player with was nice and highly coveted as there was a good number of SM armies there.

Not my best performance but this was my first GT playing Thunder and Lightning - I considered this event as a test ground since I'll be playing in three GTs this coming Fenruary (LVO, TempleCon and Crucible).

I would like to have at least one dedicated anti air unit so will be swapping out one bike squad for a Stormfang and am considering running a Rune Priest instead of the Wolf Lord for the double Psyker.

SoFlo was a lot of fun and well run - I'll definitely go back again next year. :thumbsup:

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