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Monday, December 01, 2014

Another Black December ?

Well it's that time of the year again... Last December GW rocked us with the release of Escalation and Stronghold Assault throwing them both out there to see if it'd stick when it hit the proverbial wall. This set out a siesmic ripple that hit competitive 40k hard... How dare they expect us to allow things like AV15 bunkers, ranged D weapons in the form of the Trans C'Tan and Revenant Titan ? All the nuts then came out of the wood work telling us how the game should be played - no Battle Brothers, more nerfs to psychic powers, etc. As the batreps poured out on the Internet demonstrating how unfun it is to play against things like the Trans C'Tan 40k seemed to be on the ropes. Finally almost half a year later GW releases 7th edition to put it all back together.

Honestly I like 7th edition and even though it's a maintenance version it did fix a lot of the problems with 6th edition - challenges are no longer a total FU to assault armies, no more precision shots for characters, no more 2++ cover saves for going to ground in area terrain, no more focus fire and a toning down of the psychic phase to name a few of the fixes.

Really though GW put the wagon ahead of the cart by releasing Escalation and Stronghold Assault ahead of the new edition. Hopefully this December there will be no big surprise that shakes up our gaming world again. Things seem to finally be back on track... We don't need another tsunami. Here's to hoping.

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