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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Guest Batrep * Round 2 vs.Eldar - Greg Swanson's SM Biker Army

All right on to round 2.  I was paired up with Tony Grippando and his wave serpent revue (along with the Autarch for pinpoint fire dragon delivery).
Tony's List:

Autarch – fusion gun maybe some other things
Fire Dragons in serpent
3 x Dire Avengers in Serpent
Two units of jet bikes
Warp Spiders
Wraith lord
3 bright lance war walkers

Dark Eldar
Archon with fusion gun portal and maybe something else
5 Warriors w/blaster in a venom
My List:

Dark Angels
Sammael on Corvex
Librarian Level 2, Bike Melta Bombs, Force Axe, Mace of Redemption
Techmarine Bike, Power Field, Melta Bombs
Command Squad 2 extra Black Knights, Champ, Apothecary Grenade Launcher
2 three man Bike Squads sgts with melta bombs and 2 flamers
1 three man Bike Squad agt w/combi melta & melta bombs with 2 meltagun
All bike squads w/multi melta attack bikes
Land Speeder w/typhoon missile launcher and multi melta
Land Speeder w/heavy flamer and multi melta
White Scars
Chapter Master Bike, Shield Eternal, Powerfist, Artificer Armor
Five man bike squad 2 grav guns and sgt w/combi grav and melta bombs
Five man scout squad bp & ccw sgt w/combi melta and melta bombs
Land Speeder Storm w/heavy flamer
The mission was hammer and anvil deployment.  Terrain was very symmetrical, one again no real large line of site blockers.  Once again the objectives were pretty evenly spread out.  Looking back this was a mistake.  I should have clumped then together relying on my speed to get where I needed to be. Each round you would draw enough cards to have 3 objectives in play.  You could discard one each round.
He won the roll to go first and deployed the dire avengers and their rides, the warriors and their venom, the warp spiders and the wraith lord on his back line.  The autarch, archon and dragons stayed in their wave serpent to deep strike.  The jet bikes were coming on normally and the war walkers would be outflanking.
Here is where I blew the game.  I deployed just my command squad and White Scars squad along with techmarine so they could scout.  I should have deployed everyone.  However I choose to outflank everyone but the speeders who would deep strike.  I am pretty sure if I ever outflank anything again I should be beaten with a hammer.

Anyway I scouted everyone to midfield and let the carnage begin. I failed to seize.

EL Turn 1
He shuffles around a bit and begins to shoot at me.  I lose a few wounds here and there no one really dies.  He scores one point for an objective.

EL 1            DA 0
DA Turn 1
I could have still probably saved myself here but I refused to listen.  I should have stayed back and waited for my outflankers to come in, but no I moved everyone forward and took some shots.  I think I stunned a wave serpent. And killed some spiders and put some wounds on the wraithknight.  All in all a very lackluster turn for me, and as a bonus I set myself up for massive retaliation.

EL 1 DA 0
EL Turn 2
Well he gets everything on and proceeds to rape me.  The White Scars go down like five dollar whores taking the techmarine with them.   The command squad takes a severe mauling leaving the chapter master with one wound killing Sammael and most of the rest of the command squad.  He has his outflanking war walkers about midfield close to one objective he had deep struck his wave serpent on to the middle objective behind the command squad.  Ugghh man I just got hammered.  The wraithknight jumps into the command squad but I am able to lose just one more guy.  I hit and run from the wraithknight . He picks up first blood and a few more objective points.

EL 4            DA 0
DA Turn 2
I get all my outflankers and both speeders.  I have everyone arrive in his backfield with the speeders at midfield.  I am able to drop a couple of serpents, the venom all of the jetbikes and some of the avengers and warriors take some wounds.  I hurt the wraithknight and lock him in combat with the command squad.  I get a few points for killing stuff and one objective in his zone, but now all my cards are for objectives in my deployment zone.  Sigh.
EL 4             DA 3
Turns 3 to 5
Pretty much the game was over from there.  I was able to pound down most of the stuff in his deployment zone but taking horrendous casualties while doing it.  Meanwhile it seemed like every objective we both drew was in my deployment zone where his wave serpent zipped from objective to objective scoring points.  I had very few units left at the end.  I gave him first blood, warlord and line breaker while I only got line breaker.  The only reason he didn't have max points is that the game mercifully ended on turn 5.  I had a series of cranial rectal inversions that contributed to the result, which was 24 to 6.  My deployment was poor.  I fed him my army piece meal.  When my outflankers did arrive I had placed everything in the opposite board edge of the objectives I needed.  I put the speeders in the middle of the board where they could be erased by the dragons and war walkers.  Finally I did not play the mission enough and concentrated too much on killing his forces
Ended up being a debacle.  What was worse was that I did have the tools to give Tony a good game and just refused to use them correctly.  I also learned a few things...

First I really need a multi melta attack bike in the White Scars unit.  Often times they are sitting in front of things (i.e. vehicles) that they cannot hurt with the grav guns.  Sure they could get a lucky six but I need some more out of them.

Second I need more long range firepower.  I am definitely going to drop the scouts and the other speeder to add the multi melta attack bike and two more typhoons.  Finally I am going to try and resist the urge to out flank with my bikes.  Oh well on to the next game.

BBF's Comment - Take a good look at the Stormtalon - it is the new hotness for Space Marines !

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