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Monday, October 20, 2014

What will the new Blood Angels codex bring ?

It's very interesting now that GW has shut down the rumor mill. I really don't know what to believe. On one end of the spectrum I've heard that Blood Angels will get the Grey Knights treatment - only a codex and no new units. This goes hand in hand with the current dumbing down conspiracy theory propagating the Internet. On the other hand I've heard Mephiston with a 350 point Lord of War with psychic Mastery Level 5 - S8 - T8 base. The new Space Wolves are no joke and GW can still dish out the love... For example did you know that Wolf Claws are now +1S - Shred - Rending... It seems to me that the developers know exactly where each race will stack on the overall power level and they are going out of their to develop the new codices such that there is nothing broken due to incompetent writing. In probability Blood Angels will fall somewhere in between the two extreme rumors I've posted above. I think that Mephiston and Sanguinor will be independent characters — overcharged engines will be an upgrade for Rhinos and possibly Baal predators. Hopefully Dante will swing his Axe Mortalis again at initiative and it's still AP2. I think assault Marines will still be a troop choice since Jervis Johnson introduced that back in the PDF codex. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but not holding my breath either. Who knows ?

During the epic battle, Sanguinius came face-to-face with a new nightmare known as Ka'bandha, a Greater Daemon of Khorne. During the battle that ensued, Sanguinius was sorely wounded and temporarily incapacitated. He witnessed Ka'bandha slaughter 500 of his sons with a single blow of his mighty axe. The psychic backlash of the deaths of so many of his sons blasted Sanguinius into unconsciousness. With the fall of their Primarch and the slaughtering of their brethren, the Blood Angels Legion was consumed by a black rage that drove them into a berserker's fury as they charged into the daemonic horde and in their madness they smashed the horde of daemons asunder. Yet the brutal violence of the daemon Ka'Bahnda had unleashed something dark within the psyche of the Space Marines, a thirst for blood that would not be slaked until every taint of Chaos had been erased from the planet. Even the mighty Kyriss was banished back to the Immaterium. Only when the planet was cleansed did the rage of the Blood Angels finally subside. Though Signus had been freed from its thrall to the Forces of Chaos, the cost of victory was far higher than any could have wished. The berserker rage the Blood Angels had experienced had left a brooding shadow on their souls that would manifest in the centuries to come as the great curse (later known as the Black Rage) that would afflict the Blood Angels and their later Successors.

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