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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A How To Guide • Playing White Scars • Part 2

The first article I discussed which units I use for my core:

Chapter Master
Command Squad

Bike Squad w. Attack Bike
Bike Squad w. Attack Bike
Bike Squad w. Attack Bike

Seems small overall and it is but the army hits like a ton of bricks. I also touched on what I use as my second source to complete the build which is Space Wolves—Champions of Fenris formation from the new supplement:

Wolf Lord (Thunderwolf mount)
Rune Priest (Bike)
Iron Priest (Thunderwolf mount)
Iron Priest (Thunderwolf mount)

This totals around 1850 points which is what we see for most of the major events. At 2000 points you can squeeze in a Wolf Priest which is another force multiplier with preferred enemy, fearless and a 6+ FNP to back up the apothecary from the command squad.

How to Play the Army
I learned the hard way and it was quite the painful process. You want your entire army on the table - nothing is held in reserve. I typically deploy right up on the edge of my deployment zone so I can go straight at my opponent's army. If there is some line of sight (LoS) blocking terrain I'll use it... No need to to take any incoming enemy fire power the first turn if it's not necessary. My favorite Warlord trait is Master of Ambush from the rulebook tactical traits - you can infiltrate up to three squads and it can really increase the potency of your first turn alpha or beta strike since you'll be able to rapid fire the twin linked bolters.

The army is actually fairly easy to play if you're comfortable with an aggressive style. Go straight towards the enemy, shoot then charge them. Hit and run out of close combat during your opponent's player turn then repeat... It's brutal. The army works very well versus the competitive armies such as eldar, Tau and Necrons. Of course eldsr are the biggest challenge but they can be beat using the dragnet... Position your bike units such that the Wave Serpents can't evade them for more than a turn. They will be jinking versus the grav guns which really cuts down on the amount of fire power they can effectively bring to bare. Of course Wraithknights really fear the grav guns too which is very helpful. Once you are in range to charge the Wave Serpents you can take control of the game. The toughest challenge I've had is versus dark eldar since they are so fast but they can be beaten too plus BeaStar is gone bye bye.

If you read my batreps here they help a lot to illustrate my basic strategies and tactics.

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