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Saturday, October 11, 2014

What comes around goes around - or beware what you ask for

There is a new trend dumbing down the new codices which started with Tyranids. There is a lot less new units being released and if there's no pre existing model it's gone. People complain about codex creep all the time but really it's not happening anymore for the most part. So people now complain about every perceived nerf... You've got to complain about something, right? Even if it's the exact opposite what you used to complain about (see definition of hypocrite). I'm sure Necrons will be no different but at least they have official models for all their special characters. I don't think you can really blame GW in that regard after the Chapterhouse fiasco either. Personally I'm curious to see what will become of Blood Angels and I don't think they can be any worse off. Space Wolves were the real winners with great rules and a lot of new units compared to the last few. Grey Knights and Dark Eldar didn't get any anything new I'm aware of off the top of my head. Look for nerfs to Mind Shackle Scarabs and Telsa for Necrons. Going back to Tyranids they did get a few new units such as the Crone but overall it's mostly a disappointment. Orks got the Gorkanaut but that's about it really. The characters that have been re released as Lords of War is my biggest disappointment and sorry there is no way you can compare Draigo or Logan Grimnar to a Revenant Titan or Transcendental C'Tan - so silly ! Imperial Knights are just fine though for whatever reason.

Here are the new units I can think of off the top of my head starting with Tyranids (not including Forge World):

— Crone
— Monstrous creature that shoots plasma (big disappointment)

Astra Militarum:
— Scions
— Taurox
— Wyvern
— Lost a lot of their tanks and Sly Marbo

Imperial Knights:
— Imperial Knights

— Gorkanaut (another big disappointment)
— Can't use Ghazskull since he's a Lord of War

Space Wolves:
— Harald Deathwolf
— Storm Claw
— Storm Fang
— Can't use Logan Grimnar since he's a Lord of War

Grey Knights:
— Nothing
— Can't use Draigo since he's a Lord of War

Dark Eldar:
— Nothing
— No Vect since there is no official model in production

Deathstars are very few and far between now - when was the last time you saw Jetseer council or ScreamerStar. BeaStar is dead as a door nail now that the Baron had been deep sixed. So things are definitely changing and it would seem GW has responded to what people have been asking for after all this time.

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