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Monday, October 06, 2014

BeakyCon4 Top Ten final results (and a few pictures)

The final day saw some very exciting games on the top tables. Remy Colin was the only player with four wins going into the final fifth round. Marc Tomlinson and Lance Neumann drew in the fourth game then bounced back the final round to claim first and second place respectively. There was a Tyranid army in the top five going into the last round but he dropped out to forfeit. Eldar were the king with Dark Eldar right behind them... A great send off for Dark Eldar !

Top Ten (win-loss path, final overall scores & club)

01. W-W-D-W-W • Marc Tomlinson (75) * Orlando Hereticus
Eldar-Dark Eldar

02. W-W-D-W-W • Lance Naumann (70) * Skull & Bones
Dark Eldar

03. L-W-W-W-L • Shane Ragland (67) * Orlando Hereticus
Necrons-Imperial Knights

04. W-W-W-W-L • Remy Colin (64) * Orlando Hereticus

05. W-W-L-L-W • Jon Geiger (64) * Orlando Hereticus
Space Marines-Astra Militarum-Imperial Knight

06. L-W-W-L-W • Dave Ozawa (62) * Orlando Hereticus
Tau Empire-Imperial Knights

07. W-L-W-W-D • Luis Alcala (57) * Paradox 40k

08. W-W-L-W-W • Raoul Lopez (54) * Paradox 40k
Tau Empire

09. W-W-L-L-W • Shaun Roy (52) * Orlando Hereticus
Necrons-Tau Empire

10. L-D-W-W-W • Teddy Woody (49) * 40k Wrecking Crew
Space Marines-Astra Militarum

Thanks to everyone who came out ! A big thanks to Brad Bitler and Chris Winans who were my other two TOS.

Chip Boyd from Torrent of Fire did an excellent job supporting us and his tournament app is highly recommended - this was by the smoothest run BeakyCon yet.

Finally a big thanks to Anthem Games for all your wonderful support !!! Stephen and Jennifer Tkalec are awesome people !!!


The Great Brass Scorpion laying waste to Gorguinius' hordes !!!

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnaught Talon lowering the power shields on the Stompa !!!

Horus and Justrearin command squad tactical redeployment following elimination of Ork bikers !!!

Gorguinius and his killer posse ready to counter assault !!!

Marc Parker's Green Tide versus Juan De La Nuez'... Rolling over 1000 attacks !!!

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