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Sunday, October 05, 2014

BeakyCon4 final results

Five rounds... Remy Colin playing playing pure Necrons was the last player with all wins going into the final fifth round. Marc Tomlinson (Eldar) and Lance Neumann (Dark Eldar) faced off in the fourth round and drew. Marc went on to win first place beating Remy in a close game and is the new Warmaster. Lance bested Lance formation in the last round to take second place. The top four armies were as follows:

1. Eldar
2. Dark Eldar
3. Lance Formation - Necron allies
4. Necrons

Green Tide Orks did well too - there were three Green Tides and they all had to play each other - Luis Alcala was the top Ork player.

This was my favorite BeakyCon by far. Torrent of Fire is awesome and I highly recommend to all TOs. The staff at Anthem Games was simply fantastic.

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