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Friday, November 08, 2013

The under appreciated Space Marine Stalker (by AwesomeOne)

This is a guest article by my friend AwesomeOne.

I'm here to talk about the very overlooked and underrated Space Marine Stalker as well as the tactics you could use to get the full potential out of this Space Marine Tank. At first a large majority poo pooed the Stalker for its lack of the Interceptor Special Rule. I'm here to tell you how and why this tank is and can be very competitive in multiple builds for Space Marine Armies including Allies.

Pros and Cons
Pros : At 75 points this baby is a steal. It's armor is 12/12/10, 4 shots at S7 AP 4 twin-linked BS4 or the ability to shoot 2 units with 4 shots each at BS2. Why is this great you ask? The Skyfire Special Rule allows you to shoot at those pesky Flyers and Flying MCs of the 40k universe at full BS. What many people didn't realize is that it also allows you to shoot skimmers at full BS as well. Death to the notorious Wave Serpents! Most competitive builds in the current meta run as many as one to three or more possible targets for the Stalker.

Cons : It takes up a Heavy Support Slot. Lacking the Interceptor does hinder it's possible Damage Output. Having to Snapshot has its disadvantages but it is twin-linked so there is always a Silver Lining to this tank. It does only count as a single weapon so a weapon destroyed result tears it's turret clean off. But that is only a 1/6 chanceso don't fret.

What makes the Stalker so useful in a Space Marine army is that it adds an Anti-Air element to your army.
It's ability to shoot at a single unit twin-linked or at multiple units makes its value sky rocket. Say your facing Daemons and he has multiple Flying MCs. A large majority of players play Nurgle or Tzeentch MC s so you would think it becomes useless cuz you will more than likely not hurt it. Causing a wound is not the intention when shooting flying MCs... it's all about causing grounding checks, which is what you're really looking for so you may obliterate said unit easier.

When shooting flying vehicles or skimmers the odds are in your favor that you will at least strip one hull points from most.

The Stalker can move up to 6" and still unleash all of its fury upon those foolish enough to oppose the Emperor! Okay so say you are not up against any serious air targets. What do you do then you ask? You lose none of its available firepower when you move the Stalker a full 12". So you use that cheap 75 point unit with 12/12/10 armor to screen more valuable units which will increase their survivability. If you feel your not able to deal any kind of damage you can go flat out to move in front of something that has already fired. If they destroyed your Stalker oh noes... they more than likely dedicated well over it's points value to do so and that in my book is pure win. For all that firepower is not being brought down to bear upon your more important units.

One thing to mention about the Stalker that needs an FAQ is whether or not you always shoot using a BS of 2 when firing at two separate units special rules for the Stalker. Talk to your opponent first or TO.

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