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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Let's talk some more about Chaos Space Marines • Chosen

Let's talk about the Chosen. Anything really good is going to cost some points. I like Chosen primarily because they are so flexible. To me they are strongest as an assault unit with some short range shooting to soften the enemy prior to launching an assault. In the previous edition they were relegated to the role of an infiltrating mech killing unit - they would outflank in a rhino with four meltaguns and blow something up (very similar in concept to Sternguard)... back then I never used them. Now they have so many options and can do a whole lot more for you. The Black Legion Supplement lets you field them as a troop choice which to me is the best thing it's got going and I think a lot of people completely missed that aspect. You may remember when Purifiers were very popular... The Chosen are very similar. If you take a look at the new Battle Sisters you'll notice that mechanized lists are starting to make a comeback now. Chosen operate very well in rhinos. It's all about getting to the midfield and controlling board area to control or contest objectives.

As an assault unit with the Mark of Khorne and the Icon of Wrath they are throwing down four to five S5 attacks each on the charge. They make a perfect retinue for Kharn who grants them Hatred. Here is my typical build:

7x Chosen - 2x flamer, power axe & plasma pistol
Champion - power axe
Mark of Khorne
Rhino - dozer blade, extra armor

I'm sure there are other good builds as well.

I have seen a lot of people saying that Nurgle is the only good build for CSM. It's not true at all and I can say I have not once ever fielded any cultists or zombies. I prefer to field elite units.

There was a lot of interest in CSM when the codex first dropped. Now there is a lot of interest in Space Marines. I bet that the same people who claim CSM are not competitive or only have a couple of competitive builds will eventually say the same about Space Marines. Space Marines (excluding grav biker spam) is not an EZ win codex... It's all about getting the right synergy between units for maximum strength.

If we take a look at eldar and Tau most armies look exactly the same in terms of what competitive gamers are fielding... I could make a list but I'll spare you the details. If Tyranids take hold then grav spam will take a big hit in losing its effectiveness since obviously the meta will significantly change. I would not count on the new Tyranids being a top tier army though - you never really know what to expect from GW. The game reminds me a lot of MtG now every time a new deck hits the street.

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