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Friday, November 01, 2013


So it seems White Scars grav spamming biker armies are very strong and can handle other popular internet meta lists. Bikexander is the White Scars Chapter Master mounted on a bike with the Shield Eternal, artificer armor and either a power fist or thunderhammer plus and auspex. So you are looking at 250-255 points to field Bikexander. I prefer the thunderhammer since it's concussive and there are lots of flying monstrous creatures (FMCs) roaming enemy air space.

Update (11/3/13) - I had a 3000 point game with my Sons of Horus versus a double FOC allied Space Marine army featuring Imperial Fists, Space Wolves and White Scars... Two Bikexanders and two Thunderlords with all the trimmings. Towards the end of the game I had waxed all four of the big baddies but unfortunately lost my last scoring model to a sniping TFC. Very close game and it's been awhile since my last game so I made a few silly mistakes such as not protecting the rear armor of my Contemptor dreadnaught. The Contemptor could have been a game changer if he had survived another turn... Oh well that's how you learn.

I think you need weight of AP2 melee attacks to handle Bikexander so I'm not too worried about them... Or just shoot the crap out of them.

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