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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Chaos Space Marine Rant

Apparently some people really really hate on the codex. They say things like Heldrakes are the only good unit and are broken as can be. Every army has at least one good unit. To me it's silly to complain about Heldrakes when most every eldar army I see has four wave serpents and Tau always have two Riptides plus lots of markerlights - there's nothing wrong with that either. If you like to play competitively then you bring the best units... It's always been that way.

And then some of the same people say really silly things like only Death Guard are competitive probably not realizing Typhus is the only Death Guard unit in the codex. Maybe they meant to say Nurgle. Statements like that tell me they don't really understand what Chaos Space Marines are all about. Sure some codices only have one good build. Not every army can be like Grey Knights or Necrons in fifth edition and of course those types of armies are going to get a lot of hate.

If you can't win consistently with one army then probably a good idea is play another army... There's no shame in that and it's not a short coming on your part. I really liked the new dark eldar codex but it didn't work out for me - probably due to my play style. I tried very hard to make it work but never got anywhere close to the level I wanted to reach. I had no desire to play venom spam and I could never figure out how to beat Grey Knights or Necrons.

Most every army has a bad matchup. Of course it sucks when it's versus the most popular armies. It can and does happen. If you really believe an army sucks why keep beating a dead horse with an unrealistic expectation for GW to re-release a prior codex? It's never going to happen... Never ever. Move on and put it behind you. Move on to greener pastures. Look at Black Templars as an example... They don't even have their own codex any more and something like that will never happen to Chaos Space Marines. Certainly GW has their share of perennial favorites such as Space Wolves but even these armies eventually drop in power over time as newer armies are released with better rules and units.

Things always change and they always will. If you play an army you love you will be rewarded. If you hop from one bandwagon to the next then you'll never know what you're missing, not that it's a bad thing... It's simply that you don't understand about that rewarding feeling when it finally works for you.

I did not like the previous CSM codex because for me it didn't have any flavor... Lash spam was so boring and didn't make any sense to me from a background point of view. I didn't hate the army and even played it for awhile but it wasn't for me. The new codex has brought back a lot of the old flavor... It's more than good enough for me and as I've said many times it has everything it needs to beat any other army.

There is a lot more to the codex than just vanilla Chaos Space Marines. The days of the Undivided Legions is over with the exception of the Black Legion. Thousand Sons were never a competitive army.

It's awesome to be able to field real daemons as an ally again. I don't think anyone can make a solid case that daemons aren't competitive and they can be real nightmare for both eldar and Tau. Don't give some lame reason about why not to field daemons as an ally... That's silly in every sense. It worked well before and works well now.

It's possible to build an army at 2000 points and above now reminiscent of the old Lost and the Damned using the new rules for allies. Try it out, you might like it. Maybe you'll win a few games too.

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