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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Herald of Nurgle

I think this HQ could be a sleeper unit. The Nurgle Herald is S5 T5 and can have the following attributes:

—FNP to him and his squad (Loci of Fecundity)
—Four wounds (Palaquin)
—S6 AP2 melee weapon (Greater Ether Blade)
—Level 2 Pskyer

I brought him to a four round tournament today attached to a squad of 12 Plaguebearers... I vote him for my MVP. Not every army has Ignore Cover like cheap candy... He can keep a big squad of Plaguebearers alive the entire game. I prefer to choose Telepathy for his psychic lore as Biomancy is a waste on this unit... Invisibility is not needed - Deep strike his unit into a ruin for the 2++ cover save and they will cause some major mayhem. If you want to save some points just take one psychic power - you can't go wrong with Psychic Shriek.

In my game today versus a meta list Tyranids army he chopped down a Tervigon in two rounds of melee with some help from his Nurgle buddies and that's impressive. I will definitely be fielding him again.

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