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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Warmaster, Horus Rising

From Games Day 2013, Forge World Seminar - Horus Rising!

Horus Lupercal will be Primarch number 5.

As shown earlier here is a picture of Lorgar, the next Primarch. The aim is that he will be available for Christmas.

Battle of Phall is boarding actions between Iron Warriors and Imperial Fists.
First Battle of Paramar.

Book 4 (Inferno):
Space Wolves
Thousand Sons
Sisters of Silence

Book 5 (Signus):

Blood Angels
Dark Angels - cant remember name of campaign...

Calth, Book 6:

Imperial Army

Their aim is to release 4-5 Primarches a year and 1-2 books a year.

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