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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dark Angels

I played in a team tournament yesterday and my team's final game was versus a pair of Dark Angels players. Lots of the more basic units also including a podding squad of Sternguard and Azreal plus the Chapter standard that gives a Feel No Pain bubble. They had amongst other things one squad of Deathwing, some biker squads, attack bikes with multi-meltas and land speeders with multi-melta|heavy flamer. I found out the Tech Marine can be equipped with night vision... there is a of good stuff in the codex and I've got to say I think Dark Angels have an awesome codex after that game. Our opponents conceded at the start of the bottom of the fourth turn, which was a bit of a surprise for me as the were doing really well and it was still a very close game - either team could have won. I was running Chaos Space Marines that included Abbadon with a retinue of Chosen plus two land raiders, cultists and a Heldrake... It was really scary with all those highly mobile multi-meltas flying around... They ended up popping the land raider full of cultists and most of them died in the explosion. Abbadon and his Chosen did not arrive until the fourth turn which was a bit of a bummer since he didn't get to see any action. I think Dark Angels are highly competitive indeed and got a really good new codex. Azreal does so much for the army making both Deathwing and Ravenwing count as scoring units. I hope people don't give up on it with the release of the new Space Marine codex - it's the real deal for sure !

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