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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Tyranid Rumors • Hive Tyrant & The Swarmlord

If these should come to pass I will definitely break out my Tyranids again.

Hive Tyrant
WS8 BS4 S7 T7 W5 I6 A5 Ld10 Sv 3+

Weapons and Biomorphs
- Bonded Exoskeleton
- Bone Sword (challenge weapon)
- Lash Whip (-4 to enemy initiative)
- Scything Talons

Special Rules
- Synapse Creature
- Psychic Mastery Level 3
- Overlord (+1 to movement & charge distance for army until death of unit)
- Shadow in the warp (changed: -4 to enemy physic tests within 12'')
leaderless (death of unit will cause strengh 4 AP - hits to all units within 12'')

Psychic Powers - Undisclosed

- Add an additional set of scything talons
- Replace scything talons with heavy venom cannon
- Twin-linked Death Spitters: (S5 AP4 Assault 4)

May take any of the following biomorphs:
- Adrenal Glands
- Toxin Sacs
- Acid Blood
- Implant Attack
- Toxic Miasma
- Regeneration (5+ to regain a wound at the end of the turn)
- Alpha Regeneration (4+ to regain a wound at the end of the turn)

May take up to two of the following upgrades:
- Armored Shell (2+ Sv)
- Wings
- Spore Field (-1 to enemy BS when firing at model)
- Psychic Shield (4+ invulnerable save)

WS10 BS0 S8 T7 W6 I7 A6 Ld10 Sv 2+|4++

Weapons and Biomorphs
- Bone Sabres
- Armored Shell
- Psychic Shield

Special Rules
- Synapse Creature (18'' range)
- Psychic Mastery Level 4
- Swarm Leader (give one unit rage, fear or feel no pain)
- Undying Beast: Eternal Warrior
- Blade Parry (gains +1 attack for every enemy model in base contact, striking at initative step 7)
- Shadow in the Warp
- Painful Loss (once the Swarmlord is destroyed ALL models must take a unmodified leadership test, including units under synapse; the amount you fail by on your leadership test is the amount of wounds each unit must take)

Psychic Powers - undisclosed

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