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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Imperial Fists & Black Templar allies • 2000 point army list

Here is the first list I have created with the new Space Marine codex. I think it can handle a lot of the top meta lists I've seen such as those that were prevalent at NOVA. My one worry is the Heldrake but I think they can be mitigated with good deployment and superior tactics.

This list harkens back to the good old days of the fourth edition codex... Basically a min max gun line army with some twists to handle newer elements such as fliers. I also consider this army to have solid background since Black Templars are a successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists. It's exciting and I've wanted to build an Imperial Fists army for a long time. I'll probably go for a Heresy theme for appearance.

1995 points

Imperial Fists
Captain Darnath Lysander (230) (War Lord)

6x Sternguard incl. Veteran Sergeant (207)
Heavy flamer - 10
2x combi-grav - 20
Drop Pod - 35

Lysander and Sternguard is nothing new... Here they are a disruption unit to force the opponent to concentrate some of the firepower on them. They come in with no support and snipe an enemy unit... So use smart placement to keep them alive for a turn.

5x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant (105)
Missile launcher w. flakk missiles - 25

5x Tactical Marine incl. Veteran Sergeant (105)
Missile launcher w. flakk missiles - 25

Here are the first two min scoring units. They've got some flakk to help handle enemy fliers. They setup behind the Aegis Defense Line (ADL) and squeeze their triggers... Simple but effective.

5x Legionnaire incl. Sergeant (155)
Flamer - 10
Heavy flamer - 10
Combi-flamer - 10

Here is another disruption unit... They drop down and torch enemy T3 units with crap armor saves.

Thunderfire cannon (100)

With barrage now this unit is going to cause all kinds of grief for those same T3 enemy units. Hide behind LoS blocking terrain and bombs away... Profit !

5x Devastator (160)
2x Lascannon (40)
2x Missile launcher w. flakk missiles (50)

More long range firepower with some more flakk for those enemy fliers... Take enough and it begins to add up. They have Tank Hunter which also helps due to their Chapter Tactic. This squad will typically man the quad gun to take advantage of the signum.

Black Templars
Emperor's Champion (140)

5x Assault Terminator (220)
5x Storm shield & thunder hammer - 20

Stormraven (205)
Twin-linked assault cannon - 0
Twin-linked multi-melta - 0
Extra armor - 5

The Champion joins the terminators and they ride in the Stormraven - dedicated melee plus more anti-flier.

6x Initiate incl. Sword Brethren (134)
Lascannon - 20
Grav-gun - 15

6x Initiate incl. Sword Brethren (134)
Lascannon - 20
Grav-gun - 15

Two more scoring units with big guns.

Fortification & Gun Emplacement
Aegis Defense Line (100)
Quad gun - 50

While I'm not a big proponent for the ADL it fits in perfectly with this army plus you get the quad gun for more anti-flier defense. Tech Marine uses Bolster Defense for 3++ cover save.

So not too much new things but some. The cost in points has dropped for lots of units so you can take a lot more boots on the ground now... That's the way it should be too. Tactical squads just got good again since they can take heavy and|or special weapons for min sized squads.

This is basically a Swiss Army knife type of list. It's a master of none and jack of all trades. There's also lots of options... Such as Lysander joining up with the Emperor's Champion and his Sword Brethren assault terminators.

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