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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Primarch Project • Horus the Warmaster (1st picture posted)

I am currently working on a conversion so I can field Horus. It has been a bit frustrating not with a release yet from Forge World especially as rocking are Angron, Fulgrim and the just released Ferrus Manus. Ferrus and Fulgrim were very close prior to the Heresy and even forge personally crafted melee weapons for each other. They were as close as brothers could be... Ferrus was quite head strong though . I loved the gloves for Fulgrim and Ferrus metal hands.

After much deliberation I decided to use the newly released Centurion model as the basis for this Primarch project. I'm hoping my conversions will pull it off and reduce the ape like look of the Centurion suit. I have some great bits lying around that are pefect.

Here is the first conversion picture...

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