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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sitting on the back edge is a big no no

I see this often and think its a mistake. Often players deploy a lot of their army right along their back table edge. The Internet gurus claim shooting is the king but its really not. Shooting is really good... It's always been and that's nothing new. Sixth edition from a competitive stand point is all about bringing the most balanced list possible. If you are playing in a big event with five or more rounds and bring a Rock Paper Scissors army eventually you will face off in a bad match up versus a good player... They will have a big advantage and you will suffer. Balance equates to the following:

1) Mobility
2) Shooting
3) Assault

I try to stress this as much as possible. For example those Sabre platforms and Thudd guns will only carry you so far... They are neither mobile and will be quickly swept in an assault. It's much better to diversify. Tau have provided the much needed anti flyer defense - the right Tau units that are properly equipped with Sky Fire are much better at tackling flyers plus they are mobile... They can move and shoot. Imperial Guard are obsolete now in terms of sixth edition.

A big mistake I often see are players who deploy the bulk of their units along the rear of their deployment zone hugging their table edge. If they should see an assault they are only a few inches from running off the table. Sixth edition is very generous to units take break in combat... There is a good chance they can fall back and regroup if they have enough room. There is nowhere for them to go except off the table. Therefore it's very important to move to midfield during the first two turns and play the game from there. People don't respect what assault brings to the game and underestimate this phase. Assault is the true king due to the meta... Assault can and does win games.

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