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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Plaguewing vs. Imperial Guard 2250 point batrep

I got in a good game over the holiday weekend versus one of my old fifth edition nemesis armies, Imperial Guard. We were using the fifth sample mission from BeakyCon3...

There are two main objectives:

Emperor's Will - Each player places an objective marker in their own deployment zone. If you control your own objective marker you score 2 battle points. If you control the objective marker in your opponent's deployment zone you score 10 battle points.
Kill Points - you score 1 battle point for each enemy unit you destroy. Note that enemy scoring units are worth 2 battle points each. The enemy warlord is worth 4 battle points.

Limited Psychic Powers
Starting at the top of the fourth turn you subtract the turn number from the model's leadership when casting a psychic power due to an approaching warp storm. For example during the fourth turn a psyker with leadership 10 would successfully cast on a roll of 9 (10 - 1) or less.

A scoring unit can only hold one objective marker.

Deployment - Hammer and Anvil

Bonus Points - One battle point each for First Blood and Line Breaker (no Slay the Warlord).

Here is the army I brought:

Chaos Space Marines (CSM) Primary Detachment
Daemon Prince (Nurgle) - Wings, Power Armor, Black Mace, Level 3 Psyker (Nurgle & 2x Biomancy), Spell Familiar

Chaos Lord (Blotus) - Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Sigil of Corruption, Power Axe, Burning Brand, Blight Grenades (Warlord)

3x Chaos Spawn - Mark of Nurgle

5x Death Guard - Flamer & Meltagun
Rhino - Havoc Launcher, Dozer Blades

5x Death Guard - Flamer & Meltagun
Rhino - Havoc Launcher, Dozer Blades

4x Death Guard - 2x Meltagun
Champion - Combi Plasma
Rhino - Havoc Launcher, Dozer Blades

3x Obliterator - Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War

Chaos Daemons (CD) Allied Detachment
Chaos Daemon Prince (Nurgle) - Wings, Power Armor, 2x Greater Reward, Level 3 Psyker (Biomancy)

13x Plaguebearer
13x Plaguebearer

Soul Grinder (Nurgle) - Flamer

5x Plague Drone - Proboscis, Death's Heads
Champion - Bale Sword

Here is my opponent's Imperial Guard (IG) army to the best of my recollection:

Command Squad (Warlord)

IG Blob Squad (50+) - Commissar, Power Axes, Flamers, 5x Autocannon HWS

Aegis Defense Line (ADL) - Quad Gun

Platoon Command Squad - 3x Plasmagun

10x Veteran - 3x Plasmagun, Missile Launcher
Chimera - Multi-Laser & Heavy Bolter

10x Veteran - 3x Plasmagun, Missile Launcher
Chimera - Multi-Laser & Heavy Bolter
Sly Marbo

3x Sabre Defense Platform - Twin Linked Lascannon
3x Sabre Defense Platform - Twin Linked Lascannon
3x Sabre Defense Platform - Twin Linked Lascannon

2x Demolisher


I won the roll to choose my deployment zone and chose the side with a bit more terrain. My objective marker was placed far back in a ruin with a high wall for some good line of sight (LOS) blocking. My opponent deployed his ADL right up at the boundary of his deployment zone shifted over towards my left side. He set his objective marker back deep in the center of his deployment zone on top of a rocky outcrop. My Warlord trait allowed d3 CSM units to infiltrate so I placed one squad of Death Guard embarked in their rhino behind a building just beyond the edge of the enemy deployment zone to my left. I deployed one squad of Plaguebearers in the ruin with my objective marker. The Chaos Lord joined the Spawn and they were deployed along my left board edge as far up as possible. I deployed the CSM Daemon Prince in the ruins beside the Plaguebearers. I held the following units in reserve:

- CD Daemon Prince
- Obliterators (Deep Strike)
- Plaguebearers (Deep Strike)
- Soul Grinder (Deep Strike)
- Death Guard (embarked in rhino)
- Death Guard (embarked in rhino)

My opponent deployed both command squads, big blob, Sabre defense platforms, one veteran squad in a Chimera and the Manticores behind his ADL. They were spread out across his deployment zone - blob to my left with both command squads behind them, veterans in the center and both Manticores over to my right. The other veteran squad in their Chimera and Demolisher squadron were deployed over to my right.

I had deployed very strong along my left flank while the Imperial Guard were spread out with the other Chimera (veterans embarked inside) and the Demolisher squadron positioned to flank towards my right.

My opponent won the roll to choose to go first and did so which was fine by me... I wanted to go second anyways.

Chaos Lord Warlord Trait - Infiltrate up to d3 CSM units
CSM Daemon Prince Psychic Powers - Gift of Contagion, Endurance & Warp Speed
CD Daemon Prince Psychic Powers - Iron Arm, Endurance & Life Leech
CD Daemon Prince Gifts - Armorbane & Fleshbane, Warp Tether

Pre-Battle Analysis
I had deployed strong to my left to quickly flank towards the big IG blob parked behind their ADL. I needed to eliminate the blob as quickly as possible then sweep through the other enemy units behind their ADL. I was counting on my Oblits and CD Daemon Prince along with the other two squads of embarked Death Guard to tackle the Demolisher squadron. Move forward, engage and hopefully prosper !! I didn't think my opponent could put much pressure on my Plaguebearers camping in the ruins holding my objective marker.

1st Turn - Imperial Guard
The blob moves up a bit spreading out behind the ADL. Both command squads also moved up just a bit. Demolisher squadron with supporting veterans in Chimera all move a full 12" then flat out another 6"... The tanks are headed straight towards my Plaguebearers in the ruin. Shooting pops the rhino (First Blood) full of Death Guard who spill out using the building for cover. More shooting manages to drop one Spawn and one Death Guard.

1st Turn - Plaguewing
CSM Daemon Prince successfully casts Endurance and Warp Speed.

Plaguebearers spread out in the ruin. Lord Blotus breaks off from the Spawn and attaches to the Death Guard. Spawn move up as well, running just behind Blotus and his Death Guard. CSM Daemon Prince swoops up using the building hiding the Lord and Death Guard for cover.

CSM Daemon Prince successfully casts Gift of Contagion on the blob who fail to Deny the Witch... -1 attack. Lord Blotus pops a shot with his twin linked combi bolter and manages to drop one guardsman.

Battle Points Tally:
IG - 2, Nurgle - 0

2nd Turn - Imperial Guard
Marbo fails to show this turn. Demolishers move 6" towards the Plaguebearers with the veterans' Chimera in tow. Everything else stands its ground.

Demolishers drop pie plates on the Plaguebearers but only manage to kill one daemon. The rest of the IG shooting puts another wound on one of the two remaining Spawn and Lord Blotus takes a wound... Drat !!! CSM Daemon Prince is standing tall !

2nd Turn - Plaguewing
CSM Daemon Prince successfully casts Endurance and Warp Speed.

Only one unit of Death Guard come in from reserve and flat out in their rhino towards some rocks for a bit of cover from the Demolishers. CSM Daemon Prince goes into Glide mode landing approximately 7" from the blob. Note that the Sabre Defense Platforms were all out of range to intercept. Lord Blotus and his Death Guard stand their ground while the move behind the building to hide. Plaguebearers shuffle back a bit.

CSM Daemon Prince successfully casts Gift of Contagion on the blob who again fail to Deny the Witch... -1 toughness this time... Wooo Hooo !!!

CSM Daemon Prince then declares a charge versus the blob who only manage to drop one wound with Overwatch... Bit of a tense moment there ! Daemon Prince makes it into melee killing around eight guardsmen and taking no wounds in return (note that the guardsmen swung first since the Prince was charging through the ADL). The Black Mace's curse then goes off devastating the blob (including the Commissar... Heh heh) who break and run off the table. CSM Daemon Prince then consolidates into a bit of wooded area for cover from return fire.

Battle Points Tally:
IG - 2, Nurgle - 2

3rd Turn - Imperial Guard
In comes Sly Marbo from reserve ! Both command squads move up to rapid fire hot plasma death into the CSM Daemon Prince... Oh well, he certainly served his purpose. Demolishers rotate to take aim on the newly arrived unit of Death Guard... Time for some Imperial payback. :'((

Marbo chucks his demo charge onto Lord Blotus and his Death Guard but only manages to drop one Plague Marine. Combined shooting from both command squads and the Sabre Defense Platforms eradicate the CSM Daemon Prince. Demolishers pops the newly arrived rhino then close by embarked veterans rapid fire more hot plasma death into the Death Guard who fell out of the burning wreckage and wipe them to the last man. Manticores drop pie plates of death on the Plaguebearers and manage to kill one - I haven't been keeping track of their number of turns of shooting but they are both down to their last rounds.

3rd Turn - Plaguewing
In from reserves finally come the Plague Drones, the second Daemon Prince, third squad of Death Guard and the Obliterators. Plague Drones drop beside the building housing Lord Blotus and his Death Guard with no scatter... I took a risk landing them close by Sly Marbo. Second Daemon Prince swoops into the ruin full of Plaguebearers. Death Guard move onto their short board edge close enough to pop two shots from the meltaguns into the side of a Demolisher.

Obliterators deep strike beside the Demolishers also with no scatter... I lose one Obliterator plus a wound on another from intercepting Sabre Defense Platforms... Really great cover and invulnerable saves !

Plague Drones, Lord Blotus and his Death Guard all fire into Marbo but only manage to inflict one wound... Lucky Catachan ! The two remaining Obliterators manage to destroy one of the Demolishers with return fire. The Death Guard then miss with both meltaguns - Uhhh Ooooh !!

The Spawn then charge Marbo and both are slain before they can swing back... That bastard !

Plague Drones use jet pack movement to hop inside the building to end the turn... So dastardly. ; )

Battle Points Tally:
IG - 6, Nurgle - 2

Mid Game Analysis
The Imperial Guard had a very strong third turn taking a commanding lead in battle points. I was really not expecting Sly Marbo to wipe the two remaining Spawn but the Catachan devil hit with all his attacks then all wounded (2+ poison FTW). Note that one of the Spawn was down to its last wound. On the plus side two of my fast strong reserved units (second Daemon Prince and Plague Drones) both arrived deploying into key positions to hopefully dominate the second half of the game. I was also able to take out one of the Demolishers in exchange for my Obliterators with the second Daemon Prince in close proximity. If the Plague Drones can survive a turn of shooting they can potentially run havoc through the back line of the Imperial Guard which is a wet dream for the forces of disorder.

4th Turn - Imperial Guard
One of the two command squads backs up away from the Plague Drones while the other moves a bit forward and spreads out as much as possible to wall off. The lone Demolisher and tag along veterans in the Chimera rotate to target the last rhino full of Death Guard.

Lots of fire power is then concentrated on the Plague Drones... They take a few wounds but don't lose any models... Shrouded in area terrain, three wounds apiece and T5 is really good! The Demolisher fires on the rhino but only manages to glance then the veterans' rapid firing plasma remove another hull point. Both Manticore scatter far off the rhino unable to slag it - they are done.

Marbo then decides to go all heroic charging Lord Blotus and his Death Guard... He bounces off then is skewered to death by Lord Blotus - that was some Chaos payback for the dead Spawn.

4th Turn - Plaguewing
In from reserves come my last two units... Deep striking Plaguebearers and Soul Grinder. I land them both very aggressively close to the ADL. I'm going for the enemy objective marker now.

Second Daemon Prince successfully casts both Iron Arm and Endurance.

Plague Drones move out into position to multi charge both command squads and one squadron of Sabre Defense Platforms.
Lord Blotus detaches from his Death Guard to charge the stationary Chimera over beside the two command squads. The second Daemon Prince glides up beside the lone Demolisher while the Death Guard over beside dismount for two meltagun shots at half range into the side of the tank. The Soul Grinder then shrugs off all intercepting fire from the Sabre Defense Platforms to end the movement phase.

The Soul Grinder then spits out a wad of long fiery death wiping all but two of the Platoon command squad who break falling back to cut off the other command squad from the Plague Drones... Sheet !! The Plague Drones fire into the closest Sabre Defense Platforms with their Death Heads dropping a good number of wounds on the crewmen whom pass their break check. The Death Guard fire into the side of the Demolisher but only manage to drop one hull point. Lord Blotus then rapid fires his combi bolter into the side of the other Chimera and amazingly drops two hull points !

Time now for my favorite phase - "Charge!" commands the evil Lord Blotus. Plague Drones wipe both the remainder of the Platoon command squad and the first Sabre Defense Platform. Lord Blotus survives the Overwatch from the vets in their weakened Chimera then destroys the transport with his power axe... Over half the squad die in the ensuing explosion and fail their pinning check. Finally my second Daemon Prince assaults the lone Demolisher... He has Armorbane but I forget to Smash Attack and the Prince only manages to land two blows... Fortunately the hits penetrate the tank and explode it.

At this point my opponent concedes the game. He didn't have much left while the waxing forces of Nurgle are still quite strong and I have him surrounded on all sides now with superior numbers. Next turn the Plague Drones, Soul Grinder and evil Blotus would have most likely rolled right through the remnant of Imperial Guard while forward unit of Plaguebearers would have waltzed up uncontested to claim my opponent's objective marker. We didn't bother to tally the final number of battle points per side as it was a done deal for the Plaguewing.

My reserves came in piecemeal but fortunately it seemed for the most part the right ones arrived at the right time... This reduced the enemy fire power that could be focused on them and with being Shrouded combined with some good cover the Imperial guns were blunted.

I am liking this new list but wonder if I should try to squeeze in one Heldrake with a Hades Cannon for some mobile ranged fire power plus the ever devastating vector strikes... What's your opinion - yea or nay? If yes what should I drop in exchange for the Heldrake? Maybe one squad of Death Guard ?

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