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Thursday, July 04, 2013


Assault is not dead... Assault is the king in sixth edition. The key to any successful army now is to build a completely balanced army plus you must be able to beat the top builds such as the daemon flying circus, Tyranids and Grey Necrons. I have been refining my Nurgle army and its doing very well. I have come up with what I like to refer to as my Plaguewing... A very fast hard hitting Death Guard army that is allied with Nurgle daemons. Here are the abbreviated key units...

- CSM -
Chaos biker Lord - Mark of Nurgle, daemon flamer
3x Spawn - Mark of Nurgle (Chaos Lord's retinue)

Daemon Prince - Mark of Nurgle - Wings, Black Mace - Level 3 Psyker (1x Nurgle & 2x Biomancy)

Unit of six Death Guard - 2x assault weapon - rhino (number of units depends on army size)

3x Obliterator - Mark of Nurgle

- Daemons -
Daemon Prince - dedicated to Nurgle - Wings - Bale Sword - Level 3 Psyker (Biomancy)

Unit of ten Plaguebearers (number of units depends on army size)

6x Plague Drone

Highly mobile army... Easy to assault by turn two. Also very tough. I had a 2250 point game last weekend versus the new eldar that had nine scoring units... First three turns were really tough with horrid dicd then the eldar folded on the fourth turn (opponent conceded). I'm hoping to post a batrep soon.

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