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Monday, July 29, 2013

Plaguewing at the ATC

Well it's less than two weeks now until the ATC. I have assembled a strong team and am looking forward to the event. Many have said it is the best event in the US and that is coming from some very good veteran players. It's looking like this year there will be the most teams ever with some coming from far away as far as the west coast (jy2 will be there... Woooh). I've been told that for the most part the competition is quite stiff and good sportsmanship is the norm. : )

So basically your team is composed of five team mates and you split off in one on one matches each round versus various teams. Whichever team racks up the most overall battle points wins the event. I think it'd be quite ironic if my team should face off versus the reigning champions consisting of fellow 40k Wrecking Crew members and the ever illustrious Goatboy from BoLS fame and notoriety. They are very good and have won the event two years in a row including the first year of the ATC. I say it would be ironic since I was supposed to play on their team this year but that fell through for whatever reason. ; ) No hard feelings though on my part, none whatsoever... They know what I can bring to the table... Heh ! I have Jwolf on my team along with other top players such Remy Colin.

ATC stands for the American Team Championship which is patterned after the European ETC. The event is held just outside of Nashville and will take place the coming weekend of August 10-11.

It's all about the match ups. Top teams tend to bring one player who is their Tank - the Tank continually squares off versus the hardest army from the opposing team each year and it's looking like I shall hold that mantle. I am up for it too.

I'll be bringing my fast and hard hitting Plaguewing army which has been considerably overhauled since I posted my last batrep. I'm going to keep the list classified for now. I'll disclose it once the ATC is over and you can expect to see some batreps featuring some of my more challenging games.

I had a test game versus my local arch nemesis (great guy and always a very intense game) this past weekend. The revamped list looks quite promising and has performed well

That's all for now. Maybe if I'm very lucky I'll get to kiss a skull... Heh !!

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