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Monday, July 15, 2013


1) FOC Changes:

- If Farsight is included in your primary detachment, he must be your Warlord

- Crisis Suits are Troops choices (duh)

- Cannot take any Ethereals including special characters or Shadowsun

- Fireblades are Elite choices and can be taken 1-3 per slot

2) Special Issue Wargear (can choose from this list or the original Tau list, but not both):

- Seismic Fibrillator Node -- One use only. Reduces target unit's moving, running/flat out moves, assault moves, and jet pack/jet bike moves in the assault phase by 3".

- Fusion Blades -- User's close combat attacks become S8 AP1 Melta, Unwieldy

- Advanced Jump Accelerator -- Replace Battlesuit's Jetpack, granting it a 9" move in movement phase and 3D6" in the assault phase.

- High Yield Shield Generator -- Grants user a 3++ invulnerable save

- Advanced Markerlight Pod -- Battlesuit gear that, if it hits, grants two markerlight hits (these can be used by the Battlesuit and his unit, like a networked markerlght)

- Advanced Railrifle -- Solid Shot: S8 AP1 Rapid Fire, 60" or Submunition: S4 AP4 Large Blast, 60"

- Integrated Defense Matrix Node -- One use only. All friendly Codex: Tau Empire units within 18" of the user may overwatch at full BS for a single turn

3) Special Rules:

- All units with the option to take Bonding Knife Ritual get the upgrade for free

- Unconventional Doctrine -- All Crisis Battlesuits, Tau Commanders, Crisis Bodyguard, and Farsight himself exchange the Supporting Fire special rule with the Rage and Furious Charge USRs (hurrr hurr)

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