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Friday, August 19, 2011

RAW 24-7

I have lifted this from the new blog Laughter of the Thirsting Gods. It is so appropriate to me...

Here is the deal. If you play this game you should be able to understand the spirit of it. If you are instead more interested in seizing every possible advantage than you should find a better game to play. Go play MTG or Warmachine where you could actually win something besides just the hatred of hardcore fans.

 So that is my point about RAW. Rules as Written is a great tool to use when an ambiguous rules situation arises. However if that situation could easily be explained by plain common sense or just a little bit of imagination then RAW is not needed. And yet online you will find a almost endless series of people arguing for obscure interpretations of RAW. I theorize these people mostly do not play in competitive events and probably for the reason that they are 14 and even if they could afford to fly are not allowed by their parents to do so alone.

 Prior to the Grey Knights book if someone wanted to tell me that their Daemons were not Daemons because the Daemonhunters book says what units are and that the new Chaos Daemons book is not included in that list and so therefore their Daemons are not "Daemons" I would basically have jump kicked their balls into oblivion. Does anyone want to try any RAW BS now????

 I didn't think so.

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