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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beyond Draigo Land (updated)

Well the results are in now and Draigowing performed very well in the first round of Ard Boyz. Grey Knights are at the top in overall placement in fact. I'd like to point out some tips I think can expand your horizons if you like this style of army.

1) Consider using a generic Grand Master in place of Draigo. Sure Draigo is a monster of a beast but look at it this way - the generic Grand Master can take all the best grenades and a psycannon as well. Sure the psycannon is expensive but its also BS5 - attach your HQ to a squad of five Paladins and you've got a unit with three psycannons... Not quite as good as four to five in terms of rate of fire but it's generally more than enough for one squad. If you like to use grenades think of all the points you can save not having to field a Techmarine! Also you've still got the Grand Strategy so if you take two full squads of GKT|Paladins you can always generate lots of scoring units when you need them.

2) I am going to start running more GKT in place of Paladins. You get more boots on the ground and GKT are really really good. I'm planning to just take one squad of Paladins to act as a bodyguard for my GM and Libby. The unit is still a deathstar and it can do just about everything very well. The five Paladins you don't take could go towards a landraider Crusader which works so well with this unit.

3) I'll be keeping my Librarian. He is part of the big equation for success and there is no getting around that no matter how ya spin it. The Librarian cam enhance the overall performance of your whole army. As I've said before this style of army works very well if you incorporate tactics and strategies taken from the ancient Roman Legions and at one time they controlled a large portion of the world.

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