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Sunday, August 14, 2011

In - Ard Boyz Preliminary Results

As life would have it I was away from my local area due to unforeseen circumstances and as such unable to play at my local FLGS. :'(( Luckily though there was a store in the area and I had my army so I played there.

The 1st round was versus a good Black Templars player. Very tight game and I was just able to keep ahead on killpoints for a minor win. The Templar Vindi was a real pain - over the course of the game I penned it at least 6 to 7 times but could never do more than shake it. Paladins along with GM and Librarian made a final turn assault on a landraider to crack it wide open for the win.

The 2nd round was versus Necrons... Ended up eventually phasing out the toaster heads for a massacre plus all the bonus points.

The 3rd round was versus my buddy's IG... got stomped that game. Victory points is really good for guard.

Overall I ended up coming in 2nd place (IG took 1st and the Templars took 3rd). So I'm happy with the results having had two brutal games.


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