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Thursday, June 30, 2011

WarGamesCon is next week - w00t !! (Austin, Texas)

Next week is WarGamesCon (WGC). My how fast this has slipped up on me !! Last year I brought my Blood Angels Descent of Angels army and this was my favorite event by far. This year I'll be bringing my Grey Knights Draigowing army. Some people have asked why I'm not bringing my dark eldar - the answer is simple... They are too much of a pain to transport. It would definitely be interesting to see how my dark eldar would fare at a large event such as WGC but I don't want to risk the army suffering any major damage while in flight. I've got the Sabol Armored Company hard case for all my skimmers and there is no way that is going to fit overhead on the plane.

So it's an all terminator list featuring Lord Kaldor Draigo, a Librarian, one squad of Paladins, one squad of Grey Knight terminators and a Landraider Crusader. If I don't break the two troops into combat squads that's only five killpoints and I think that would definitely make for some very interesting games. Last year WGC did not use killpoints as an objective though so I'll just have to wait and see what the good fellows from BoLS have in store for us players next week in terms of their missions. I've heard they'll have more and better terrain so that should help my army a bit.

I don't have any big expectations of placing high this year and the amount of play testing I've done in preparation is nothing near the number of games I played last year to sort all the kinks out of my DoA army. The army I most fear is none other than dark eldar as the dark kin can run circles around my army and all those dark matter weapons can quickly insta-gib my Paladins - it's kind of ironic to say the least. I am thinking there will be a good number of dark eldar armies there so I'll just have to take it on the chin... Such is life. ; )

So I'm going to Austin to have some fun games and spend time with the friends. I know some other member of my club (40kWC) will be bringing Grey Knights as well but their armies are a lot different than mine. My army is designed primarily to shoot as it's their greatest strength then end games with strong mėlee. It would have been nice if I could have play tested the army more but I had it painted on commission (by my good buddy Kenny Boucher of Next Level Painting in Colorado Springs, CO) so there wasn't much time to get ready. I pretty much know what the army can do so that will have to be good enough. Hopefully I can get in a couple games over the coming 4th of July weekend. It is definitely a beautiful army with lots of conversions and I'm really excited about seeing it in action on the tables. My army counts as the first company of the Knights of Blood... Yes I'm still a Son of Sanguinius at heart. xD

I'm playing in the 40k team tourney on Friday evening with a good friend and I'm very much looking forward to that as well as the 40k GT. I'll try my best to take good notes (maybe some pix as well but no promises there) so I can post some batreps here soon afterwards.

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