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Monday, June 13, 2011

How the new FAQs effect us as Grey Knight players

Some of the answers were as I expected...

+1A for falchions
Well no one is going to take that option now. I modeled some of my Paladins with falchions - both because of the coolness factor and for complex wound allocation so I'll keep mine.

No shunting during the scout move
A lot of people predicted this correctly... I was on the fence. It nerfs the NDK a bit but I don't think it's that big of a deal to be honest plus I'm not planning to use any NDK... Psyflemen are much cheaper and more effective as far as I'm concerned.

Dreadnoughts can score
This was clear to me.

NDK with personal teleporter is treated as a monstrous creature that moves like jump infantry
Again this was clear to me.

Here are the ones I flubbed...

Doomfist is S6 for the NDK
As number6 pointed out over on the B&C the Wraithlord was in the same boat at one time so there was precedence and it made sense to me. You can still take a daemonhammer for S10 so it's not a major loss in my opinion and like I said I don't plan to use the NDK. As was pointed out to me by a good friend the NDK is equipped with a pair of doomfists for +1A.

Hammerhand stacks
This one really caught me off base but it's a really good thing if you play Grey Knights so I'm not complaining one bit !!

So overall I think Grey Knights made out quite well with really only the NDK getting hit by the nerf bat. The ability to stack Hammerhand is kind of crazy if you think about it... Without even touching on the subject of whether or not a psyker can cast the same power several times during the same turn consider Draigo and a Librarian joined to a squad of Paladins - Draigo boosts up to S8 while the rest of his posse boosts up to S7... You're wounding T7 on 2+ and Draigo is insta gibbing T4 without even having to activate his sword plus he is wounding T6 on 2+ as well. Definitely that squad needs a Brotherhood Banner - multi wound units such as TWC, nobs, Tyranid Warriors and Ogyrn are screwed. Mix some halberds into the equation and its even more disgusting!

I think Grey Knights will definitely have a strong effect on the meta as a result of these clarifications. Grey Knights overall just got a lot stronger.

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