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Thursday, June 30, 2011

40k team tourney round 2 batrep (cont'd)

Pretty lame to not finish the second batrep - my apology! I had a long day yesterday and couldn't keep my eyes open to finish it.

Our two opponents in the second round were great - the game was a blast to play for sure. One of our opponents I seem to always play at every team tournament at Coliseum of Comics - he was the dark eldar player and had a very nice looking army.

I'm going to just write a synopsis for this report as well... It was one of those games where everything seemed to go right for us and everything went wrong for our opponents. Their outflanking units seemed to always come in one turn ahead of ours then we would get the free shots and charge right into assaults. Fire Warriors and Kroot don't stand much of a chance in close combat versus an evil Druchii and Wyches. One of the Crisis teams mishapped when they arrived and the other broke on a morale check the first time we shot at them then they ran off the board. The Duke and his squad of Warriors charged one of my squads of Warriors, lost combat by one wound then were swept... It was definitely one of those games.

The win put my team on one of the top tables and we found ourselves facing another team of Blood Angels and dark eldar - a true mirror match ! What made it interesting is our opponents were running DoA and WWP. These opponents were awesome as well. I'll post the batrep later tomorrow.

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