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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Round 1 40k team tourney batrep

So the first round was versus the ringer team playing Space Marines and eldar. Here are their army lists to the best of my recollection...

Space Marines
Chaplain - terminator armor

10x tactical Marine - missile launcher & meltagun
Razorback - twin linked heavy bolter

10x tactical Marine - missile launcher & meltagun

5x terminator - assault cannon

5x Space Marine bike - heavy bolter

Landspeeder Typhoon

Predator - autocannon turret & heavy bolter sponsons

Farseer - Runes of Witnessing & Fortune

4x Dire Avenger
Exarch - Shimmerfield
Wave Serpent - twin linked bright lance

4x Dire Avenger
Exarch - Shimmerfield
Wave Serpent - twin linked bright lance

4x Dire Avenger
Exarch - Shimmerfield
Wave Serpent - twin linked bright lance


Fire Prism

The primary objective was as follows - there were four objectives, each placed in the center of a table quarter prior to the first turn. At the start of each turn each objective scattered 6+2d6" - if you rolled a HIT then that objective did not scatter and if an objective hit a table edge it came onto the opposite table edge the remaining distance. So for example suppose an objective was 7" from your own table edge and scattered back 15" - it would move off the table and come in on the opposite table edge 8". Whichever team controlled the most objectives at the end of the game won.

Pitched Battle

My team won the roll for deployment and opted to go second. My partner deployed his entire army. I deployed everything except for the Reaver jetbikes. Our eldar opponent held most of his army in reserve while the Space Marines deployed everything except for the Chaplain and his terminators which were held in reserve and would deep strike.

Combat Drugs
Free Pain Token - My Archon had combat drugs so he and his Wyches started the game with two pain tokens (i.e., Feel No Pain & Furious Charge).

I'm not going to post a full batrep for this mission - instead I'll just post a synopsis for the game. I think the eldar holding the majority of their units in reserve gave us the upper hand as they had quite a few late arrivals which allowed us to focus on first destroying the Space Marine scoring units. The Archon and his Wyches quickly reached the tactical Marines and cut right through them putting the pressure on the eldar to hold objectives. Strangely enough one squad of Dire Avengers then proceeded to whittle down the Archon and the Wyches... Shimmerfield worked well for the blue Aspect Warriors - that was towards the end of the game though and the evil Druchii and his cohorts had done their share of damage. The Chaplain and terminators also arrived late as well so they didn't have as big of an impact as they could have. We focused our shooting on the eldar skimmers with lances and the Predator first preventing them from shooting much and over the course of the game we took most of them down. The scattering objectives kept things interesting and my Reavers were able to execute a late game turbo boost contesting one objective which secured the win for my team.

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